So, I like to drink…

No I actually love it. But not what you think. I still haven’t found an alcohol drink that I really like. Just can’t do it. But I do love to drink everything else. Water, soda, coffee. I honestly think I look forward to drinks more than food. Not a lot more but still.

Lately I’ve been going to Cost Plus World Market a lot. Partially because of their awesome cookies you can’t find anywhere else or their candy but in the past week I’ve discovered the root beer. I went last week with my brother and his girlfriend, we each bought a couple to try. We loved sampling everything and then I went back when I hung out with my friend Lindsey on Friday. It was actually one of the reasons we were late going to dinner. Plus I had to buy another of these Game of Thrones beer for my dad, pictured above.

Then when I got home on Friday I was sent an email that I earned $10 of shoppers rewards at Cost Plus and since they were having their Friends and Family 25% off, I could combine it for a sweet deal. I bought 6 more drinks, well technically 8 if you count the coffee I bought. I got all those drinks and a cookie cutter, which was 99 cents, I bought it all for $2! Normally the sodas are $1.49 each, the coffees are $1.69. Plus tax, minus my 25% off. Yay! I was quite proud of myself. Granted I know some of these aren’t going to be great and I’m definitely going to keep the Moxie bottle just cuz it says Moxie.

The non root beer/soda drink I bought was the cherry limeade. I’ve never seen it but cherry limeade is one of those flavor combos that have been delicious every time. Now I’ll take a break from Cost Plus for a bit until the holidays at least. Or until I get thirsty for craft root beer again.


Overdue Girls Night Out

So life has been hectic. It’s been crazy with guests and things I’ve had to get done and birthdays galore. So much so that I have not seen my friend Lindsey in forever. Like over 2 months. To re-introduce you, Lindsey and I met when we interviewed for a retail position. She was so interesting that we ended up talking in front of the stir we had applied to, and ultimately the girl who interviewed us came out and offered us the jobs then and there. She was going to call us, but whatever. That was over two years ago now and even though we both have moved on to different jobs, we try to get together at least once a month for lunch and shopping. Continue reading


Sometime last year I really went through a mask phase. They’ve been around for years but if you’re anything like I was, you were more familiar with 2 types of masks, clay and peel off. I remember when I was younger I had the cucumber peel off mask. It was an experience, it actually felt like a treatment for your skin, but essentially it was like glue. You put glue on your face and then peel it off. It was a novelty. Of course it’s still around, they sell it in a tube at most stores.

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Tea Tree Everything!

A long time ago someone recommended I start using tea tree products for blemishes and what not. I had used tea tree hair products before and I love the feeling, it’s like eucalyptus on your head. It’s kinda like minty but not as harsh. I honestly love the smell of eucalyptus, it reminds me of growing up since all the bases I grew up on had eucalyptus trees all over. But that’s a story for another day.

So on my birthday shopping trip my mother and I went to the base exchange at McClellan. They had a little display of items from The Body Shop. One of their sets was the one I purchased which included a toner, moisturizer, a cute sized bottle of tea tree oil, face wash and one mask. Yes one mask. That was kinda odd to me because these are good sized bottles, that would probably last you a good month or so provided that you didn’t slather lotion on your face or use it on your whole body. But one mask? I must admit I did not read how often you’re suppose to use the masks, maybe it’s just a once a month kinda thing, but I’m used to using a sheet mask at least once a week. Maybe it’s super powerful stuff, this tea tree mask.

Separately I did buy the pore minimizer and the foaming cleanser. All in all the kit and the two add ons were probably about $45. The set was $25, the foaming cleanser around $11 and the pore minimizer around $8. I’m just guesstimating because it’s cheaper than it would be off base and there was no tax! It was a gift though.

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Oh Simszzzz….

IMG_1132.PNGJacks says yummy!
(I honestly have no idea why I put ‘our review’, it’s not as if Jack tested the sims out too, his participation was limited to eating the plumbob USB stick)
I am by no means a gamer. I get lost easily, scare often and I usually am gone by the time the loading screen is done. But I am one of those poor souls who have bought into the whole Sims franchise. I remember when I first got the originals Sims game. I remember playing the tutorial with the very sad Bob Newbie and her wife what’s her face. Betty? I played hours on end and when I look back at what happened during those years, I don’t remember much- I just chalk it up to the Sims. I don’t much remember Sims 2, but I do have fond memories of playing The Sims Online. That was a blast. Then the revolutionary (in my mind anyways) Sims 3. [My phone keeps changing Sims to Dims- I think even its judging me!]

Sims 3 was amazing and I spent years and lots of money on it and it’s many many expansions. Half the time it didn’t work or crashed on me but what the hell I paid good money, I’ll restart. I seriously played night and day, it was a constant. I recall not so fondly, spending all day building a house and moving my sims in, only to fall asleep and then wake up with all of them gone, having perished in the night since I let the game play on and they were morons who couldn’t feed, take care of their basics needs and just died.

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Lazy Sunday


I wish my Sundays were like this still. I used to have Sundays and Mondays off when I worked from 5:30 am to 1:30 pm. That was so nice and so normal. After working retail for so long and having weird days off during the week, it was a nice change. If you can ever get it, having one weekend day and one weekday off is nice. Now I have Saturdays and Tuesdays off. It’s nice that I’m able to see my family on Saturdays but just having split work weeks makes it so I have damn clue what the days are.

Oh my god, it’s been how long?!

I haven’t written for over a year now.
So where the heck have I been? Well for awhile I was working two jobs and then I quit one because I wasn’t getting enough hours and quite frankly the jobs were in opposite directions from my house. But I guess I covered that since my last post was from July of 2013. I quit that other job in March, of course I didn’t tell you where it was. So I was happily working one job from March on and I even went on vacation to Las Vegas towards the end of July. While I was on vacation I happened to get a call about an interview for a position with my old company, but a different section. Continue reading